Course Title: Agri-food Export Promotion Policy and Practical Tools
Course Dates: September 6 to October 1, 2021
Registration Status: CLOSED
Registration deadline: August 29, 2021



Content and Structure

The course is composed of three modules and presents conceptual linkages and practical tools on export promotion.

Module 1: World Trade Organization (WTO) and agri-food exports promotion

  • Lesson 1.1. Collaboration and coordination of the WTO and FAO in the sphere of trade development and food security
  • Lesson 1.2. Trade diplomacy and trade promotion
  • Lesson 1.3. The WTO provisions on export of agricultural goods
  • Lesson 1.4. Monitoring the implementation of Agreements by the WTO member countries

Module 2: Role of the Government in export promotion

  • Lesson 2.1. Rationale and directions for export facilitation
  • Lesson 2.2. Organizations for export promotion
  • Lesson 2.3. Governmental export support
  • Lesson 2.4. International export support experience
  • Lesson 2.5. Overview of the national programs and strategies to support agricultural exports in post-Soviet countries

Module 3. How to develop an export marketing strategy for an agricultural business

  • Lesson 3.1. Fundamentals of agricultural exports
  • Lesson 3.2. Rules for entering agricultural markets
  • Lesson 3.3. Market research for agricultural exports
  • Lesson 3.4. Developing export marketing strategies